Spare the rod and spoil the child

Shahrukh Shafi

Shahrukh Shafi

Students are the bright hope for any nation. It is being discussed in private educational institutes that can the teacher be allowed to scold or punish a student or not.
We do not support brutal beating by a Maulivi in Madrassa or a teacher in Govt schools in country, but should we shut our eyes from all the evils getting into our children and just be polite with them all the time end let then ruin themselves. According to our centuries old culture we have to snub them or give corporal punishment in certain cases where very much required .According to a recent survey of Alaf Ilan educational data Collector institute,73 percent teachers believe that corporal punishment is essential for betterment of a student . In today’s society, majority of elite class is following the Western culture and middle and lower middle classes are following the elite class .The Western culture can’t give a slap of their child and result is before everyone that how stubborn and disobedient n are being produced by this Western approach.. In Islamabad, we live as the members of elite society of country but can we see our sons and daughters at their early ages getting into some very serious social problems with us, just politely asking them to avoid it? Or should we react as a father, as a mother or brother? Now, when it comes to schools, we religiously and socially, believe that teacher is next to Allah and that teacher is more than parents.

Well in that case, how much rights should we give to the teacher to keep our children on a correct path? Slapping a kid for not doing homework, slapping a student or hitting a students for not learning a lessen properly is obviously very wrong .But if you see a student smoking cigarettes or using some drug or getting into any other social evil, should the teacher not be allowed to give physical punish to him? Should the teacher shut her or his eyes from such issues and just suffice on saying “please don’t do it again”? Should the teacher behave like an unauthorized and unbothered passerby? Just to feel bad about something bad is lowest stage of faith for a Muslim? if as a mother or father, we cannot tolerate seeing our son or daughter smoking cigarette and puffing cocaine or some other dirty drugs or even taking slipping pills , how can we expect from a teacher who really consider it as own children not to feel and react the same way?

But of course, there have to be certain redlines that the teachers should not be crossing. There have to be certain redline where in the parent should let the teacher go up to. However the overnight rich parents often react harshly when some teacher goes harsh with their child at school just for the sake of their child’s correction. In a recent example that is being discussed in Islamabad’s social circles and on social media too is that in a elite class education institute, Dr A Q Khan college in Bahria town Islamabad, a student was found involved in unethical actives during tuition hours in the classroom by a female teacher. The teacher scolded and gave corporal punishment to him on the said shameful act and reported the matter to Vice Principle. But to the utmost irony of the teacher, Principle and Vice Principle very rudely reacted to the teacher’s complaint and to teacher and instead opted to back and support the guilty student. Both Vice Principle and Principle took discreditable action against teacher instead and sacked her without any notice. Due to provision of unlimited liberties given by certain school administrations, students are getting involved in certain illegal activities in school premises. Consequently the educational level of all such institutes is deteriorating deeply and swiftly.

It is time that we should decide what are the redlines for teachers and at same time to define as to what are redlines for parents to interfere in teacher’s matter. Do we seek snobs spoiled or rotten high graders coming out of school in shape of our children? Or do we desire and wish to have our children come out good educated and well-mannered members of the society, created in this way by the teachers? Decision has to be ours .

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