NUST holds awareness seminar about Colorism

DSC_0667ISLAMABAD:  The “Dark is Divine” on otherday organized an awareness seminar about Colorism at NUST university. The theme of the seminar was” The Skin We Live In”, which aimed to ignite a conversation to counter colorism present throughout the Asian Region.

The seminar consisted of four distinguished speakers from diverse backgrounds.

The key note speakers were included convener of campaign Ms.Fatima Lodhi, founder of the “Intra-racial Colorism Project” based in the U.S Dr. Culbreth, Founder of the “Intra-racial Colorism Project” based in the U.S, renowned social activist Ms. Maha & Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of “ I am Beautiful Global” Dr. Julie.

While addressing the participants Ms. Fatima Lodhi, who is the rising anti-colorism advocate of Asia and also the convener of “Dark is Divine”- the first anti colorism campaign from Pakistan said that the issue of colorism is so much Ingrained in our society that we don’t even realize that we discriminate our own people on the basis of the color of their skin on daily basis and that we are practicing colorism since ages.

She further stressed upon the fact that we need to educate our people that Diversity is something that needs to be celebrated and that we need to learn to respect differences and to be comfortable in our own skins.

Fatima also talked about the curriculum on “Diversity” that “Dark is Divine” is developing for the school going kids in collaboration the “Intra-racial Colorism Project”.

Dr. Culbreth, the founder of the “Intra-racial Colorism Project” based in the U.S discussed the way Colorism has a Psychological impact on the lives of the persons who are dark-skinned, especially girls, adding that about how the deep-rooted Colorism found in the western societies and how it badly affects ones lives.

Ms. Maha, who is a Psychology graduate and a masters in Global affairs discussed about the role of media and the way media can help in countering colorism.

Dr. Julie, who is the Chief Operating Officer of “I am Beautiful Global”, shed light upon the Asian perspective of Colorism.

At the end, the Collaboration of the campaign “Dark is Divine” with “The Intra-racial Project” was also announced.

The students of the engineering department at NUST along with social activists from the Engineering department appreciated the movement initiated by Ms. Fatima Lodhi, they were of the view that such kind of seminars will help the women to empower them and build confidence about their body image.

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