‘Opponents of Kalabagh dam not patriots’

download (2)ISLAMABAD: Former Chairman WAPDA, Engineer Shamsul Mulk has said that particular opponents of Kalabagh Dam and people of Pakistan cannot go together and those getting even less than five percent votes have no right to talk about entire Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

In a statement issued here on Wednesday in response to a statement of leader of political party, Engr. Shamsul Mulk said that opponents of dam will be answerable to the people who were forced because of them to buy Rs 192 billion costly electricity.

He said, “Pakistan was facing present host of problems because of opponents of Kalabagh dam.”

Shamsul Mulk said that those who had opposed Kalabagh dam would not only be accountable before Almighty Allah but also to the people of Pakistan who were facing severe power crisis besides purchasing costly electricity.

He said if political leaders of the province were so much concerned about the people then why do not they sell their properties and pay the electricity bills of the people.

Engr Shamsul Mulk said further that in 2013 election, Awami National Party (ANP) had got only 556525 votes out of total 12266157 registered votes of KP, it did not suit those who got even less than 5 per cent votes that they should talk about the entire province.

Shamsul Mulk invited ANP leadership that if he was saying something wrong then ANP should come up with their proof against Kalabagh dam otherwise it should have mercy on the people of province in particular and of Pakistan in general and change its stance against Kalabagh dam.

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