Another DM report stands confirmed

1102547131-1ISLAMABAD-Yet another report of The Daily Mail went completely confirmed yesterday when the international media reported that Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, during his engagements at the SAARC Summikt, kept a rather stiff body language as well similar personal attitude towards his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. International media also published photographs of both Nawaz Sharif and Modi in which both leaders were seen unbothered about each other while Indian Premier Modi was shown in a rather indecent posture as he was found reading a magazine during Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the forum and even upon his return to the seat after finishing the speech.

The Daily Mail had earlier published a report on Monday in which it was state that after deep consultations with the top professionals at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the light of the feedback from country’s military establishment as well as from the general public and media’s view point, it was decided that Prime Minister of Pakistan would adopt a rather harder line during the SAARC moot and would use the main forum as well as the sideline meetings and media talks to elaborate the hostilities of the Indian army along border with Pakistan and on LoC. In fact, according to these insiders, a few heads of the SAARC member States including the hosts were also reported to be having plans of raising their respective issues of similar nature, pertaining to India during Kathmandu event.

It appears that this strategy of the Islamabad’s Foreign Office worked very well and thing went just according to Islamabad’s plans as finding this, Narendra Modi and his team found themselves in a wonderland. This development finally prompted Indian Premier to come up with a better body language and he ended up the SAARC event with a very warm hand shake with his Pakistani counterpart and exchanged pleasantries with him.

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