NAB arrests Mehmood ul Hassan for cheating public

nabISLAMABAD: NAB has arrested Mehmood-ul-Hassan Chief Executive of Al-Ahsan Multiple Business and Investment Bureau Mansehra who in the garb of Islamic mode of financing i.e. Mudaraba / Musharaka Business allegedly cheated public at large and looted millions of rupees from innocent people fraudulently.

As per details, the accused persons involved in illegal activities under the grab of firms with name and style of M/s Al-Ahsan Multiple Businesses and Investment Bureau, Mansehra. They lured general public for handing over their hard earned money on the promise that they would be given an exorbitant profit on investment. Thereby, the accused persons, in connivance with each other, accumulated huge amount from the public and after paying so-called profit for few months, later on stopped payment and fled from the scene.

NAB had already filed a reference in the Accountability Court Peshawar after completion of investigation against Mehmood-ul-Hassan Khan, Muhammad Shoaib, Usman Ali and Roshan Deen owners of Al-Ahsan Multiple Business and Investment Bureau Mansehra. NAB had already frozen the property of the accused persons.

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