Imran lacks political wisdom: Zardari

3-Imran lacks political wisdom- ZardariLAHORE–Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan lacked political wisdom, adding that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has proved patience was a key virtue in politics.

Zardari made these remarks while addressing party workers in Lahore.

“Was [Imran Khan] unaware of the Dhaka tragedy,” the PPP co-chairman said questioning the motives of Imran Khan on giving calls to paralyse the entire country by Dec 16.

He said that his party cared for the generations to come and “cannot paralyse the country”, adding that his party could not attack the federal capital.

“Islamabad is not Somnath’s temple that you try repeated attempts to win it,” Zardari said. “Democracy resides there, it’s Parliament is democratic.”

Today’s reaction by the PPP co-chairman comes against the backdrop of Imran Khan’s Nov 30 speech, where he had called for paralysing cities to increase pressure on the PML-N government.

Imran’s said he would start with paralysing major cities in the first phase and eventually shutting down the entire country by Dec 16.

“On Thursday (Dec 4), I will go to Lahore and shut it down. On Dec 8 I will shut down Faisalabad; on Dec 12, I will go to Karachi and shut it down. By Dec 16, I will close down all of Pakistan,” Imran had said.

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