American War Hysteria and Marshall Plan

America lost its wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq with a loss of about one hundred thousand lives and 3.25 trillion in today’s dollar value. America didn’t learn lesson from wars and now is trying to find a face-saving way out of Afghanistan after wasting almost three trillion dollars and losing 3000 of its personnel. In recent past, America was played by India in Afghanistan. Americans thought India was there to help with the cause but India had its own agenda and that was to spread terrorism within Pakistan, thus further destabilize the region.

Now America with the help of Pakistan is negotiating with the Taliban to find a way out of Afghanistan. Pakistan has always been saying there is only a political solution in Afghanistan, but unfortunately America was stuck on military means to resolve the issue. Instead of getting into a war, America should implement a Marshall Plan type initiative in Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan to improve infrastructure and create job opportunities there. This would have created a positive image as well as long haul influence of America in the region.

The two recent wars have given birth to ISIS, which has spread like wildfire throughout the world. America is claiming that it has defeated ISIS, but that is far from the truth and rest of the world will have to contend with ISIS for many years to come. Recent Easter Day attacks in Sri Lanka, and ISIS claim enforce this argument. At the end of every misadventure, US tries to find a face-saving way to get out and leaves with ground realities worse than when it goes in.

The time has come that America must learn from its failures and restrain itself and do not jump into these kinds of issues thousands of miles away from home. American citizens must keep themselves abreast of US foreign policy so they can influence their country’s policy-making in a rightful manner.

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