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With final cast locked, shoot to begin soon(London Nahi Jaunga)

By Amina Parvez
Whenever Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig unite, they create a blockbuster. So far the producer-director duo has delivered massively successful films like “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani”, “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” and “Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2”. While they didn’t come up with a film last year, they widely recurved commercial success with their hugely popular TV serial “Meray Pass Tum Ho”. Earlier we exclusively broke the news of Humayun Saeed’s next film, “London Nahi Jaunga”. While there remain a speculation in trade about who might and might not be the female lead, we at Pakistani Cinema got a hold of director Nadeem Baig and he has confirmed that Mehwish Hayat and Kubra Khan will play the lead characters along with Humayun Saeed. Besides these three lead stars, the film has a strong supporting cast that includes Saba Hameed, Saba Faisal and Sohail Ahmed. While both Saba Hameed and Sohail have been part of “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”, this will be the debut film for TV’s seasoned actress Saba Faisal. While the dream team of Six Sigma is teaming up with its tested players, we couldn’t help but notice that Ahmed Ali Butt is not a part of this project. “This will be my first film without Ahmed. But he will be seen in our next film ‘Love Guru Hoja Shuru’ in a very substantial role”, said Nadeem. Nadeem is occupied these days with the shoot of the final episode of “Meray Pass Tum Ho”. And after that, he will be taking “London Nahi Jaunga” to the floors, next month. “We will begin shooting our first spell in February. It’s a 30-day schedule and we will shoot this in Bahawalpur. Then after a break we will start rolling again in April for our final schedule of 15 days and that will be shot in London”, said Nadeem. The film is written by Khalil- Ur-Rehman Qamar. Speaking to Pakistani Cinema, Khalil previously said that while the title of “London Nahi Jaunga” might sound similar to “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” but it’s not a sequel. He further said that it will be an all-in-all family drama with elements of romance and comedy, something along the lines of “Punjab Nahi Jaungi”. The film is slated for an Eid-ul- Azha release.


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